Chat Rules


  1. No foul language is permitted.  The definition of foul language is wholly determined by the CM and ultimately the Company.
  2. Offensive or inappropriate usernames are not permitted, at the discretion of the Company.
  3. The CM (Chat Moderator) is in charge of the chat room and as such you should show them respect at all times.
  4. The CM’s decision is final.  
  5. Harassment of CMs or other players is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with strictly by site management.  Please contact if you wish to report an incidence of harassment or abuse in the chat room.
  6. You are not permitted to promote any other websites or companies in the chat room.
  7. Strictly over 18s only.
  8. Certain topics of discussion are forbidden:
    1. Chat of a sexual nature which causes offence to others
    2. Racist remarks of any kind whatsoever
    3. Promotion of any illegal activities
    4. Criticism of Viking Bingo, its staff or its policies
    5. Continual negative comments about other players
    6. Inappropriate behaviour of any kind may result in a CM removing you from the chat room or banning you from chat for a period of time or indefinitely.  It can also result in suspension or closure of your bingo account.
  9. Do not use CAPS in chat.  This implies shouting and is not in keeping with the friendly spirit of the Viking Bingo chat rooms