Bingo Rules

How to Play:

1.    Pick any one of our Bingo rooms by clicking on the room front in the lobby area.  You can choose from 90 ball, 75 ball or Pre Buy bingo games.  The room front will display if the room is currently open and if so the time remaining until the next game starts.

2.    Once inside a Bingo room you may purchase bingo tickets in any of the other open bingo rooms or actually go to any of the other open bingo rooms by clicking the “Change Rooms” buttons next to your avatar. 

3.    Click tickets once to select them.  They will show “Selected” on the front of the ticket.  You can “Quick Buy” (choose to buy a total number of tickets or strips rather than manually select the tickets) by using the Quick Buy area located above the call board.

4.    Once you have selected your tickets, click the “Buy Selected” button above the call board to purchase them.  Your account balance will then be debited and your chosen tickets will say “Bought”.

5.    The purchase of all tickets is final.


Rules of the Game:

1.    Numbers will be called every 3 seconds.

2.    Your aim is for all the numbers featured on one of your tickets (in 90 ball) or the numbers within the designated pattern on one of your tickets (in 75 ball) to be completely filled (ie all the number called) before anyone else has similar success on one of their tickets.  The pattern required for each game in 75 ball bingo is clearly shown to the right of your bingo tickets.  These patterns will vary.  For 90 ball bingo, there are 3 prizes available; firstly for successfully completing any 1 horizontal line on your ticket, secondly for successfully completing any 2 horizontal lines on your ticket, and finally a Full House prize for successfully filling all the numbers on your ticket.

3.    Bingo is always played in auto mode.  This means that you will always be notified of a winning ticket when it occurs.

4.    Prizes can be real money, bonus money, loyalty points or tangible prizes such as TVs or Holidays. You will see the Prize for each game in the Jackpot Area within the room, underneath the Quiz Show Bingo logo.

5.    In the case of there being more than 1 winning ticket in the game, the relevant prize will be split between the winning tickets and therefore the holders of the winning tickets.  For example, if there are 4 winning tickets, but 1 player has 2 of those winning tickets, that player will receive 50% of the prize because they are in possession of 50% of the winning tickets.

6.    Some bingo games will feature 1tg, 2tg or 3tg prizes.  Please see separate terms and conditions labelled 1tg/2tg terms & conditions for special terms applicable to these games.

7.    The minimum number of players per bingo game is 5. If the game is due to start and there are less than 5 players who have bought tickets for the game, the game will not play and the ticket purchases will be refunded.

8. Malfunction voids all pays & play.